The ‘Fury’
Stauffer Guitar’s standard model guitar is the ‘Fury’. But don’t let the use of the word “standard” fool you. The ‘Fury’ is completely customizable (specie, finish, electronics, hardware, etc).  Plus with it’s “no tools, interchangable, pickguard assembly” feature, you could have several very different pickguard assemblies to swap in and out of one guitar. They may feature different pickups, wiring configurations, or simply different pickguard colors. The ‘Fury’s shape is unique, yet comfortably familiar. Joe wanted to design something that was different than anything else on the market, but would still appeal to a wide range of players. Aside from its shape, some of the body design’s unique characteristics are the “island” cut into the pickguard and the use of profiled edges rather than binding. The ‘Fury’ features fast maple/ebony bolt-on necks and premium hardware (machined solid brass Hipshot bridges, Planet Waves locking/auto-trim tuners, etc). The nature of the design combined with these high-quality components results in a solid and comfortable guitar with incredible sustain.

The ‘Legend’
Stauffer Guitars is excited to offer it’s second standard model the ‘Legend’. The ‘Legend’ is the result of several months of collaboration with Anthony Stauffer, the founder and creative force behind the Stevie Ray Vaughn inspired blues guitar lesson site: The goal was to create the ultimate blues machine…and we’re pleased to say that we did it! Okay, so maybe we’re a little bias. But this is a tricked out blues guitar. Anthony had a very specific set of specifications he wanted to incorporate. Tone wise, he wanted to achieve a well balanced warm tone without losing crispness or attack. To achieve this we decided on a zebrawood and basswood body. The hard dense zebrawood provides the brightness, while the light soft basswood warms it up (the basswood also greatly reduces the guitar’s weight).  The neck is maple with a Pao Ferro fretboard and huge stainless steel frets. It has a narrow nut and compound radius fretboard for fast, clean, and comfortable playability. Like the ‘Fury’, the ‘Legend’ has Stauffer Guitars’ exclusive “no tools, interchangable, pickguard assembly” feature. In addition to the whole pickguard being interchangeable, thanks to some special circuitry connections, individual pickups are also easily swapped in and out. The ‘Legend’ features Lindy Fralin ‘Vintage Hots’ single coil pickup set, a machined solid brass Hipshot bridge w/ String Saver graphite saddles, and Planet Waves locking/auto-trim tuners. Check out Anthony’s lessons and gear demos to see the ‘Legend’ in action (




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